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Technical Data
  • Depths to be used: 10-45 m


  • Cylinder dia.: 50.0 mm


  • Maximum Stroke: 225 mm


  • Pumping lift: 10 - 45 m


  • Population served: - 300 people


Approx. discharge (75 watt input):


  • at 10 m head: 1.4 m³/hour


  • at 15 m head: 1.1 m³/hour


  • at 20 m head: 0.9 m³/hour


  • at 30 m head: 0.7 m³/hour

The Afridev Pump is a conventional lever action hand pumps. Afridev hand pump is designed for heavy-duty use, serving communities of up to 300 persons. The maximum recommended lift for afridev hand pump is 45 m.The Afridev hand pumps is fully corrosion resistant, easy to install and has excellent potential for community-based maintenance.


The Afridev hand pump is a conventional lever action hand pumps. The configuration includes an “open top” cylinder: the piston can be removed from the cylinder without dismantling the rising main. The foot valve is retractable with a fishing tool.

Features of Afridev
Hand Pump Manufactured by Aakash International 

Afridev Hand Pump

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Aakash International

  • Bearing bushes in afridev hand pumps are made from special plastics and the pump is hot dip galvanized.

  • Variable handle settings in hand pump  are possible to meet changes in water levels at different times.

  • Customization of spout length and Pedestal is possible in hand pump .

  • Aakash international produced hand pumps provides choice of Eye & hook connecting rod or threaded connecting rod.

  •  225 mm stroke length of the handle in afridev hand pump provides a water discharge of 1350 litres per hour with an installation depth range between 15 m to 45 m .

  • Aakash international produced  hand pumps are easy to install, can be accomplished by village women mechanics.

  • Afidev hand pump contains alternative stainless steel lined cylinder available for aggressive water conditions.

  • Aakash international produced hand pumps have quick release Eye & Hook tool-less ends on Connecting Rods with rubber Centralizers facilitate maintenance and protect the riser pipe against internal wear. 

  • These hand pumps have connecting rods which are available in Mild Steel as well as Stainless Steel.

  • Special tools for installation & maintenance of Afridev hand pumps is available.

  • User interactive installation Manual for hand pump installation is also provided with each pump.


To Read more about Afridev as per RWSN Standards Click here.


The Afridev Hand Pump problems and solutions

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